Lifestyle management

Imagine being chauffeured from the airport to your hotel in a luxurious private hybrid after a long flight. Imagine your suite at an elegant five-star solar-powered hotel accented with your favorite sustainably harvested florals.

E njoy access to an exclusive VIP event and end the evening with a private dinner hosted by your private Michelin star farm- to table sustainable chef who curates a signature dish for you.

Y our Green Luxxe Lifestyle Manager will manage these details seamlessly, so you don’t have to.


Corporate services

Imagine carefully curated events and services that support your company’s ethos and commitment to sustainability.  From the venue to the menu to the bespoke experience designed for your company…

Transformative travel

Each bespoke destination will transport you to a region in the world to immerse yourself in luxury. It will fuel your passion for personal growth, self-reflection, and wellness through curated experiences that…