Corporate services

We understand meeting corporate sustainability goals can be a challenge whether it’s a large one, like becoming Climate positive, or a smaller one, like ensuring your corporate event has no negative environmental impact. We’re here to support your wide range of needs.

O ur services include, but are not limited to:

  • Carefully curated corporate events and services that support your company’s ethos and commitment to sustainability
  • Bespoke experiences, from executive retreats to exclusive events for your clients
  • Consultation services to help your business achieve its sustainability goals
  • In-house White Label VIP Corporate Hospitality services

L et our expert Corporate Concierge manage the details, so you don’t have to.


Lifestyle management

Why sacrifice your discerning taste for luxury to manage a busy schedule. Your dedicated Lifestyle Manager will manage daily tasks, coordinate logistics for travel, arrange private dinners, and coordinate that unexpected event…

Transformative travel

Each bespoke destination will transport you to a region in the world to immerse yourself in luxury. It will fuel your passion for personal growth, self-reflection, and wellness through curated experiences that leave minimal carbon…

With only 2 months, 150 expected guests, she was able to make my wedding day one of the best days of our lives. She is professional, uniquely calm, and very dedicated. She has the ability to keep you feeling stress-free and all your worries at bay while you focus on being a beautiful bride. She is passionate about making sure that your vision becomes a reality. She's timely, organized, patient, and kind. I would recommend her service to anybody. She is exceptional! By N. Proby USA