Corporate services

Imagine your company’s next holiday event, business dinner, or executive retreat at an eco - friendly luxury resort nestled in the rain forest that uses excellent green alternatives.

O r imagine holding your next board meeting at one of the most luxurious energy-efficient venues in the world that powers itself from its own wind farm. Indulge in assorted savory menus sourced from local farmers and suppliers, served in luxurious décor.

L et our expert Corporate Concierge manage the details, so you don’t have to.


Lifestyle management

Why sacrifice your discerning taste for luxury to manage a busy schedule. Your dedicated Lifestyle Manager will manage daily tasks, coordinate logistics for travel, arrange private dinners, and coordinate that unexpected event…

Transformative travel

Each bespoke destination will transport you to a region in the world to immerse yourself in luxury. It will fuel your passion for personal growth, self-reflection, and wellness through curated experiences that leave minimal carbon…